How to Download Android Apps on Computer

Android ApplicationsDownloading Android apps on your desktop computer or laptops is now possible. All thanks to various Android Emulators available in the market. If you feel that your smartphone’s screen is a little too small to play games or watch entertainment apps, then using them on your wide desktop/laptop screen is a boon. Apps like Showbox, Temple Run, Netflix, etc. are an absolute delight to use on PCs.

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Amazon wants to displace Google Apps from other devices

That could be interesting because Google funded the lion’s share of his platform on their own respective services. Amazon is indeed with his smartphone failed the fire phone, but will probably still try a slice of the cake abzubekommen ecosystem. Accordingly, the shipping giant is now in negotiations with a variety of hardware partners.
Battle of Ecosystems: Amazon wants Google Apps displace on devices

But how it should look in the end, it is not apparent from the report of the Business Insider. Nothing here have apparently only two options: First, you could offer the manufacturers of tablets and smartphones, the Android-based Fire OS which already runs on the own Amazon devices. On the other hand would also be conceivable that the Google Apps are simply no longer installed and instead the Amazon apps like the store, the App Store and other services are anchored deep in the system, similar to Google so far even manages with its programs ,

Supposedly was Amazon even already in tough negotiations with various manufacturers, however in the report does not indicate to which companies it could be here. It remains questionable whether industry greats such as Samsung, LG or Sony would jump on the train of the biggest online mail order company, but could here give the opportunity for smaller manufacturers. Especially since it is prohibited, according to some clauses in the Android-playing field for manufacturers to support other highly modified Android platforms effectively and to install on its machines.

HTC One M9: Android 6.0 update rolling out

About a week updating the HTC One M8 Android 6.0 is old, because now officially appears next in the pipeline to stand. The HTC One M9 receives according to an official Facebook entry of HTC DACH now also the update to Google’s newest operating system. The delivery is done here in waves.
HTC One M9 receives from today Android 6.0 spendiert.

Since it is already! Shortly after the release of the update for the predecessor, now rolled out Android 6.0 for the HTC One M9 and brings you some new features which are already known from the idea out. In addition, HTC also mentions that Sense 7 should also be on board. Of course, it is as usual via OTA – So Over The Air – available, but is distributed in waves. On our test model, the update is not yet arrived, some friends in the area have already confirmed this, however. A manual search of the update could even provide the remedy required.

Also nice: HTC calls the availability of updates for both branded provider smartphones, as well as for devices freely available commercially. Simple manually trigger and hope that one is already in line. Before anything goes wrong, we recommend at this point but still a backup of your data. What is certain is just really sure.

Windows 10 Mobile: Is the operating system officially before the end?

What sounds like a headline reading of a column, now seems to be the bitter seriousness. None other than the well-known in the industry for its enormously strong contacts Eldar Murtazin has now confirmed that Microsoft Windows will drop 10 Mobile and wants to concentrate on a kind of new platform based on the x86 architecture of Windows 10th
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Best SmartWatches of 2015

2015 is a great year for watch lovers as a lot of watches were launched and each watch comes with a new exciting feature making the task of choosing the best smart watch among them a hard one. Tech giants like Apple, LG, Motorola, Pebble, Samsung and Sony kept the competition high making it a field day for watch lovers. 

The following is a list of some of the great watches that were launched in 2015:

Apple Watch

Depending on your taste, you might find this new piece of art a design that combines technology and fashion or you might see it as a small box not worth your time. What is for sure is that it is one of the best looking smart watches ever made and what makes it better is that it has a unisex appeal. Apple has been able to achieve genuine wear ability making it a pleasure to put on. It comes in two sizes, a 38mm and a 42mm wide screen making it smaller than you would expect. Though it lacks GPS technology and lacks a sporty appeal, the superb design makes up for the flaws.
Price: $349

Sony Smart Watch 3

The make of the Sony Smart Watch 3 makes it an envy for majority of other watch makers. It’s in built GPS technology makes it possible for you to leave your smart phone at home when you are going out. It also has a sporty feature that makes it perfect for a jog. With its latest Android Wear update, it makes it possible for you to connect it with wireless headphones for you to listen to your favorite tunes on the go. The newly launched steel edition also adds a touch of class to the gorgeous watch.
Price: $249

Pebble Time

True to their reputation, Pebble have released the new Pebble Time that is an upgrade to the previous versions. The smart watch sticks to the qualities that made the original model a hit. It still retains the affordability factor, the seven day battery and compatibility to both iPhone and Android software. The smart watch has some serious upgrades on the software and the hardware notably the new timeline operating system and the revamped color e –paper screen.
Price: $199


Garmin Vivoactive

The new Garmin Vivoactive smart watch is specifically made for the sport person. It is able to display a full array of sport performance by the wearer of the watch. Ranging from running, swimming, cycling and golf, the watch is able to track your performance and guide you when you are working out. The Garmin Vivoactive is truly the first everyday sport wearable. On the downside, it is difficult to imagine one wearing the watch on a social function making it limited to a sporty life.
Price: $249.99 


LG Watch Urbane

If you are looking to stand out and be noticed, then the new LG Watch Urbane is the smart watch for you. Its design makes it eye catching and it’s difficult not to notice it. It is designed for the fashion lovers and has a feminine appearance though it’s quite pricey in stores.
Price $349 

Best Custom ROMs For Your Android Device

A Custom ROM is a modified form or say self customised form of android operating system. As we all know that android is an open source project so anyone can tweak or make changes to it according to their needs. So, various developers go ahead and develop a customised version of android for different devices. These custom ROMs are usually designed to manipulate the full power and capabilities of a device’s hardware. So, whenever you feel your android device is slowing down or you want to highly customise it according to your needs you can choose any good custom ROM for your device. While choosing a custom ROM remember to choose the one with bigger user base and good support. Today we are going to share some of the best custom ROMs that you can flash on your android device for a better android experience. All the following ROMs are very popular with good userbase and best usability.

Custom ROM

  1. CyanogenMod ROM
    This is the most popular custom ROM for Android. It has very huge userbase. A few months back Cyanogen released a statement saying that they have more users than Windows Mobile and Blackberry combined. The ROM is highly customizable and they even have their own theme store with thousands of themes to redesign your android device. Cyanogen has also been in talks because of their partnership with brands like Micromax’s Yu and earlier with OnePlus One. The ROM comes as pre installed OS in YU devices and was the default ROM in the infamous OnePlus One too.
  2. AOKP
    AOKP stands for  Android Open Kang Project, where the word Kang means customisable. And believe us they totally stand upto their name. Their name is inspired from the term AOSP that stands for Android Open Source Project, that includes the android software in its simplest vanilla form. And, AOKP is very similar to it and is almost similar to Android vanilla with a lot of additional options for customising.
  3. Paranoid Android AOSPA
    Paranoid Android is a relatively new but yet fastly growing android ROM. It offers some new and unique features due to which it is growing very fastly. It is also known as AOSPA. This is a very good choice if you are bored of flashing different ROMs and want something new and better.
  4. PAC ROM
    Also known as PACman ROM. This ROM tries to bring the best of Paranoid-AOKP-Cyanogen (PAC) as it supports cyanogen accounts, and features of Paranoid and AOKP on one platform. It is a very good ROM to try your hands on.

These were our collection of Best custom ROMs for android device. Try these all and tell us which you liked the most. For more such articles stay tuned to Capital Humanomty Tech. Also don’t forget to share this article with your geeky friends. Happy Flashing!